You're a god and your believers are under attack. They're greatly outnumbered, but they have a secret weapon: you. Attack the invaders with divine lightning strikes by clicking on them. The lightnings have a 2½ seconds cooldown, but they can kill multiple enemies if you hit them right.

Try to make it through as many waves of enemies as you can before your people get overwhelmed.

Good luck!

Developer's notes:
This is a simple game I made for the first Bevy Jam. Assets are self-made, and the only plugin I used apart from Bevy's defaults is bevy_rapier2d for the physics and lightning hit testing.


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I think the idea has a lot of potential! Would love to see it updated with more enemy types, spells, scorekeeping, etc.

Bit sad that the source wasn't made available!


Nice work on the self made graphics! Although it's a bit quiet, I quite get the theme about having the unfair advantage of being god :)

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